Tactical Pen


The most important tool you can carry is the item that happens to be in your hand, which more often than not turns out to be a pen. So, American Tactical Supply Co. developed a pen that can write in all conditions and is rugged enough to handle the unexpected. This pen features a ballpoint pen cartridge that is effective in wet and dry conditions, and the tool’s aircraft grade aluminum body is stout enough to rise to the unexpected call of duty.

Always be prepared with your American Tactical Supply Co. Tactical Self-Defense Pen. This pen was designed as a utilitarian tool for law enforcement professionals and citizens alike. Sure, it’s a pen and it’ll serve to take notes like a good pen should, but it’s not your average writing implement. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and a carbide window-shattering tip design, the Tactical Self-Defense Pen can be used to break a window or defend yourself from an unexpected attack.

Fits Your Daily Routine. Perfect for duty or every day carry (EDC). Free Shipping.



Boxed set includes:

– 1 ea Tactical Pen
– 2 ea medium point roller ball black ink cartridges



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Weight 5 oz


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