Emergency Kit


This is a high quality Military first aid kit made of canvas material and it comes in tan or black. The front of the pouch contains molle, hook and loop velcro, and elastic cording with a drawstring clasp. Inside you’ll notice 8 elastic storage loops, a mesh pocket, and a zippered pocket.

The top of the pouch has a handle and two D-ring loops.  At the bottom of the pouch is a grommet for drainage in case the kit is used in water or inclement weather. The drawstring cording platform inside will hold the pouch at a 90-degree angle when open.  This allows for single handed use so contents do not fall out while in use.




– MOLLE Compatible
– High Quality Nylon
– Gear to treat in field


– Triangle Bandage with Safety Pins
– NPA Nasal Airway (28FR)
– Z-Folded Compressed Krinkle Gauze
– Black Self-Adherent Gauze Roll
– Iodine Wipe
– Alcohol Swabs
– Black Nitrile Gloves
– Israeli Pressure Bandage
– Black Buckle Turniquet
– CPR Mask
– Trauma Shears
– Rolled Gauze
– Quick Clotting Hemostat Gauze Pad
– Gauze Pad
– ABD Pad



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