LE Low Visibility Handgun Operations Course


DATES: October 22-23, 2018
LOCATION: 2375 South Old Decker Road, Vincennes, Indiana 47591

Course Topics Include:
• Holster types/configurations
• On body holster placement
• Low visibility LE operations
• Drawing from concealment (standing/seated)
• Positional shooting
• Low visibility clothing
• Low visibility vehicle operations
• Working in and around vehicles (the UC and plain clothes officer’s office)
• Counter ambush (while on surveillance)

Materials Required:
• Note Taking Materials
• Jacket/Cover Garment
• Handgun/Holster (IWB or OWB)
• Minimum of 3 handgun magazines
• Handgun Ammunition (600 rounds, minimum)
• Ear/Eye Protection
• Range Clothing (for any weather)
Open mind and positive attitude



This course is designed for plain clothes and or undercover officers who are operating in a low profile capacity. In this course we review the challenges and advantages officers face when choosing to carry concealed to maintain a low signature. AGS knows it’s not often LE departments are conducting separate firearms drills and practical exercises for officers not wearing a conventional uniform. Our goal is to create a better understanding of handgun deployment from a concealed carry position in a variety of environments the UC and plain clothes officer operates in on a daily basis.


This course is run and directed by Alexander Global Strategies.

Additional Study materials will be supplied by Alexander Global Strategies to each student on day one of the course.

For lodging, please contact (434)822-7700 for onsite overnight arrangements


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