Corporate Security Management Course


DATES: September 8-October 5, 2019 (28-Days)
TRAINER: Executive Security International (ESI)
LOCATION: 743 Horizon Drive, Ste 200-A, Grand Junction, CO 81506

COST: $7,500

The Corporate Security Management Program (CSM) is a 28-day residency and trains Corporate Security Professionals and Executive Security Officers to manage risks in a corporate setting. The Program will cover Best Practices in a wide range of issues confronting corporate security personnel: Monitoring, Tracking and Responding to Global Crisis whether human or natural. The CSM Program is divided into four blocks of instruction: Intelligence-Driven Corporate Security & Protective Services, EP Program Manager / Team Leader, Deception Detection and Intelligence Gathering, and Basic Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).


The objective of the course to introduce students to the fundamentals of Executive Protection programs management, and qualify them for a functional leadership role in a corporate context. Class participants will be introduced to planning, design, and management principles – both strategic and tactical – associated with leading successful Executive Protection programs and details in a small, medium or large corporate environment. The program will emphasize 3rd-generation EP principles of adaptive and intelligence-based operations, guiding students through realistic scenarios and applications of the PROTECT decision-support framework for planning and executing complex protective details.

– Defining Success: Recognizing (and Pursuing) a Great EP Program
– Resources Management: Internal vs. Outsourced Personnel
– Building Organizational Trust & Alliances
– Ethical standards, Confidentiality, and Professional Boundaries
– Risks
– 3rd generation EP Programs Objectives
– The Executive Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
– Risk Assessment for Protective Ops
– Intelligence & Information Technology
– Protective Intelligence 2.0
– Introduction to Judgment & Decision-Making (JDM)
– Core ICT Competencies & Requirements
– Measurement & Metrics
– Selecting and Implementing Program & Performance Metrics
– Effective Budgeting for EP Programs and Details

This is a 28-day residency course held at ESI’s training facility in Grand Junction, Colorado.

VETERAN STUDENTS: This course is approved for Post-9/11 VA Benefits. Contact ESI for more information regarding VA benefits with regard to coursework. 


COURSE COST INCLUDES: cost of class for 28 Training Days and uniforms; food, travel, and lodging costs are NOT included in this rate

– Military or law enforcement veterans who do not have experience in civilian/corporate security work
– Anyone seeking employment in the corporate security field (see prerequisites below)

– Must be physically fit and capable of enduring all of the demanding physical requirements of the course


– Smartphone
– Laptop computer


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