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Counter Surveillance / Surveillance Detection – NoVA

  • Position:
  • Salary: $13300 - $15830 / month + vehicle, expenses & bonus
  • Location: , NoVA, DC, MD region
  • Job ID: 32405
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Job Description

JOB LOCATION: Northern, Virginia, DC, Maryland area
START DATE: Within 30 days
PAY: $13,300 – $15,830 per month(1)+ Expenses(2) + Bonus(3)

Employment Type: Full Time Contractor (1099)
Rotation: 1 month-on / 1 month-off
Schedule: 12 hours per day during each 1-month rotation

(1) Starting salary varies depending upon agent’s experience and is based upon a 1-year term with a 1-month-on / 1-month-off rotation. Pay is only for worked months on rotation; off-months are unpaid.
(2) Employer will provide a vehicle and reimburse expenses monthly

(3) Bonuses to be discussed with the employer

Client is an ultra-high net worth individual who is in need of Covert Protective Counter Surveillance in the Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland area.  This is a long-term client need. Only highly-experienced executive protection agents (minimum of 5 years of EP experience) will be considered for this role. Read all minimum and preferred qualifications before applying. This is a highly-competitive position with multiple billets.


– Provide protective counter surveillance to identify physical or surveillance threats against client.
– Provide protective counter surveillance from a vehicle while client is traveling from residence to place of business and back.
– CS will be conducted from both mobile and static positions.
– React to threats to protect client in accordance with EP detail lead SOP’s.
– While client is at place of business counter surveillance will continue to identify if threats are tracking client with eyes on place of business.
– Must have proper dress attire in vehicle and able to blend into any environment with various outfits from workout gear, casual, business casual, business, and black tie all at a moments notice.
– Maintain clear, concise communication with the EP detail lead and report any issue encountered.
– The employee will be required to work weekends, late hours and holidays.


– Must live in Northern Virginia, DC, or Annapolis area with a strong knowledge of the area
– Possess a MINIMUM of 5 years of experience as an Executive Protection Agent
– Must fall under LEOSA (H.R. 218)
– Possess a current US Passport
– Valid US driver’s license with a clean driving record
– Must be able to pass a background check (no misdemeanors, felonies or other criminal charges)
– Must be smoke and drug free
– Proactive, high-degree of professionalism, responsibility and maturity
– Low-key, reliable, honest
– Natively fluent in English (speaking, reading, writing, comprehension)
– Physically fit / maintain a clean and sharp appearance
– Excellent customer service skills


– Former US Secret Service a plus
– First aid certified (BLS/ AED)

– Prior law enforcement experience in the northern Virginia, DC, Annapolis area is a plus
– Prior military in a combat arms or SOF MOS a plus
– Completion of advanced driving / vehicle dynamics course
– Prior attendance of a recognized Executive Protection Course (i.e. ESI, EPI, Oatman, PFC, ITG4, TFTT)


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