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At Silent Professionals, our mission is to provide useful free resources and tools to military and law enforcement veterans.

That’s why we created a legal help section on our site for veterans and contractors. This section is a work-in-progress and is updated by volunteer legal contributors.  Our legal contributors are all US combat veterans and practicing attorneys who vary in legal specialty from personal injury and maritime law to business and international law.

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Defense Base Act

The DBA is a federal worker’s compensation law that protects injured overseas contractors.

Maritime Job Injuries

This is a special category of law with its own set of protections for maritime workers.

EFP IED Injuries Lawsuit (Iraq War Fund)


What is the basis for the EFP IED injuries lawsuit?

In a nutshell, several banks admitted to criminal conspiracies with Iran to provide it with billions of dollars in violation of the US Anti-Terrorism Act and international laws.

Specifically, the banks’ conspiracy with Iran facilitated Iran’s development and proliferation of EFP IEDs in Iraq between the years of 2003-2011, resulting in tens of thousands of wounded and KIA American Soldiers.

Some of these banks have already plead guilty to criminal charges of money laundering and have paid billions in fines. Under the Anti-Terrorism Act, any “national of the United States” or his/her survivors may sue organizations involved in conspiracies with terrorist organizations for injuries in U.S. federal courts for monetary damages.

How do know if I was injured by an Iranian IED / EFP?

Any EFP (or explosively formed penetrator) between the years of 2003-2011 in Iraq was manufactured by Iran. So if you were injured by an EFP, you were a victim of the Banks’ conspiracy with Iran.

Iran was also responsible for funding the development and proliferation of other types of IEDs throughout Iraq and most were found in the region of central Iraq. If you were hit by an IED in or around Baghdad, Fallujah, Ramadi, Najaf, Hillah, Baqubah, or in zones around those regions, you were likely hit by an Iranian-funded IED.

Who is being sued in this EFP IED Lawsuit?

The Banks involved in this conspiracy with Iran – most of whom already pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy and paid billions of dollars in fines. Specifically:

– HSBC Holding Group Plc
– Crédit Suisse AG and Crédit Suisse Asset Management Limited
– Commerzbank A.G.
– Standard Chartered Bank Plc
– Barclays Plc
– BNP Paribas S.A.

Who can file a claim in the EFP IED Lawsuit?

Any US Veteran or Contractor disabled or wounded in Iraq by an IED or EFP between May 1, 2003 and 2011. Family members (i.e. surviving spouses, parents, siblings) and dependents of Veterans and Contractors who were Killed in Action by an IED may also file a claim.

VA Disability Claims

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