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Research Analyst

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Employer is searching for Research Analysts for full-time contract work in Iraq (Baghdad, Basra, or Erbil).


– Analyze all-source intelligence addressing a broad range of issues, focusing on insurgent capabilities and actions, political and cultural climates, tribal and social networks, and other issues as
– Monitor and analyze threat intelligence, reviewing this information for credibility urgency, and specific target information
– Produce concise written and oral intelligence reports for use by Embassy management and DS
– Prepare daily written and oral intelligence summary reports for applicable personal protection, guard force, and emergency response team services
– Prepare assessments and Synchronized Pre-deployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT) reports
– Brief appropriate DS personnel on security matters pertaining to the operating environment on a daily or weekly basis
– Notify/communicate urgent threat information to the AIC
– Perform liaison work with US officials and military units on site and with counterparts in DS on a daily basis
– Maintain a situational map of incidents and a database of known threats, events, and indications of enemy intent
– Develop and use an indication and warning matrix to illustrate possible enemy intent and prepare reports that support these conclusions


– Must be a US citizen
– Must possess a valid U. S. driver’s license and valid tourist passport
– Must possess a minimum of two (2) years of all-source intelligence analytical experience
– Must possess a minimum of one (1) year overseas experience performing as an intelligence analyst
– Must have attended a formal military intelligence training course or have equivalent training through classified online courses and work experience demonstrating the use and function of the US intelligence cycle
– Must attend and successfully complete required training
– Must qualify with the Glock-19 and M4, re-qualifying as required by the contract
– Obtain and maintain a personnel security clearance
– Complete the Physical Readiness Test at the 50% performance level and maintain that fitness level for the duration of the contract
– Possess no impediments to traveling overseas to and within countries that are considered dangerous or unhealthy in general, or to the country or countries assigned in the applicable task order in specific.

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