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PSD – Jerusalem

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Job Description

Employer is searching for 25 Protective Security Specialists to work in Jerusalem, Israel


  • Perform the day-to-day protective security functions as specified in daily post and detail orders.
  • Driving the lead vehicle, principal’s vehicle, or follow-vehicle, whenever required in motorcade or similar operations.
  • Driving follow-vehicle and/or acting as response agent.
  • Carries and operates weapons as specified in daily post and detail orders, or upon orders from the detail leader or shift leader.
  • Maintaining protective formation position during principal’s walking movements.
  • Participating in advance security preparations.
  • Manning the security post at principals residence or manning the command post as required.


  • U.S. Citizen
  • Three years of experience. One year of the three, shall include experience in protective security assignments.
    • Experience can be gained in the employ of any national, State/Provincial, Local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services that require skills similar to those required by the contract.
  • Must be able to pass Physical Fitness test prior to attending training.

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