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Protective Security Specialist | Combat Medic – Iraq

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Employer is seeking a Medic / Protective Security Specialist with a prior MOS of either 68W, 18D (preferred), or Navy Corpsman 8404. Please read the minimum qualifications thoroughly before applying.


– Conduct protective security operations and provide medic support as required to principal and PRS detail members
– The EMT-I is also designated as a protective security specialist (P)
– The EMT-I is required to attend the protective security specialist (PSS) training course as outlined in the contract

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (do NOT apply if you do not meet all of the following requirements):

– Candidate MUST be U.S. Citizen
– Must have a valid U.S. issued passport
– Must have a valid U.S. issued driver’s license
– Must be fluent in English (reading, writing, speaking and comprehension)
– Must be able to qualify and maintain weapons qualification as outlined in the contract with the Glock, M4, shotgun, M240, M249 and M203 and familiarization fire for the AK47
– Must have three (3) years of relevant experience in a combat environment; experience can be from the employ of any national, State/Provincial, Local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services that require skills similar to those outlined in the contract.
– Must have served in the US Military in one of the following MOS: Army 68W, 18D (Special Forces), Navy Corpsman 8404
– The EMT-I shall successfully complete the PSS training requirements
– Successful completion of State or National Registry EMT-Intermediate/85 or Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) certification (written and practical examinations)
– Submission of current CPR credentials for the Professional Rescuer/Health Care Providers
– Registration must be valid for the period of deployment

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