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Weapons, Tactics & Military Small Boat Operations SME

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Marine Raider Training Center (MRTC) ensures the timely delivery of focused training, education and assessment solutions to the special operations force.  They do this by facilitating the Programs of Instruction (POIs) of the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

A requirement exists to provide formal training to individual Special Operations Officers (SOO), Critical Skills Operators (CSO), and Special Operations Capability Specialists (SOCS) in Special Operations tactics, techniques, and procedures and related support skills in order to provide qualified personnel to the Marine Special Operations Companies (MSOCs). The unit specifically charged with this responsibility is the Marine Raider Training Center (MRTC) formerly called the Marine Special Operations School (MSOS). Due to current force manning, contracted support is required for MRTC in the execution of its mission.


– Shall assist in the duties and functions associated with conducting safe and effective training with weapons, tactics, and amphibious operations utilizing military small arms, crew served weapons, infantry Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, Combat Rubber Raid Craft (CRRC) and other water craft.

– Shall apply adult learning theories, methods, and strategies, such as the Socratic Method, while working independently or in a multidisciplinary team environment.

– Shall execute range safety support tasks and have appropriate Camp Lejeune Range Safety Officer (RSO) certification.

– Support training at sea, aboard watercraft, and in an environment involving the operation, firing, and basic tactical employment of weapons organic to the Marine Corps.

– Work in a high risk training environment with exposure to potentially dangerous situations on open water and live fire ranges and will routinely wear 30-50lbs of safety equipment and must be able to lift and carry equipment in excess of 100lbs.

– Drive a government bus to transport students to training as needed. The contractor shall gain and maintain license to operate a government bus through Government licensing authority.


– Served a minimum of 1 year as an enlisted E-7 or higher.

– 10 years of experience in a SOF or USMC Reconnaissance unit.

– 3 years of experience in an operations/exercise control section.

– 4 years of experience as a USMC Combatant Diver or SOF equivalent diver.

– 1 year of experience using MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.

– Carry equipment weighing up to 100lbs.

– Possess a valid state driver’s license and Commercial Driver’s License.

– Must gain and maintain licenses to operate a government bus and open water craft through Government licensing authority once on task.

– Possess a SECRET clearance on day one of contract execution.

– Must complete the 5 week MRTC Instructor Training Course prior to engaging with students. Prior attendance in the course will be accepted.

– Must be able to successfully complete the Camp Lejeune Range Safety Officer Course.

– Shall be required to provide a minimum of 120 hours of surge support per year.


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