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Special Operations Medic

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  • Salary: $800 / Work Day + Housing and Transportation Covered
  • Location: Disclosed Upon Hiring
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Job Description

Client is in search of Instructor candidates that can support a DOD endorsed immediate requirement for training and technical support services as Special Operations Medic for a Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) and Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman (SWCC) preparatory training to be performed in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states.

Length of Requirement:  1 year with potential for extension.  Starting Date on or about Feb 1, 2018.  Note: Two (2) 90-day rotations is an option being entertained.  This would require no more than 180 total days on the ground in the AO for the 1-year period.

Mission Objective:  Training and mentoring nation’s prospective BUD/S and SWCC students for entry into U.S. Navy CONUS based training and maintain liaison with NSW host commands as required.

Instructor Qualifications:   The contractor(s) shall be a qualified U.S. Air Force Pararescue (PJ), U.S. Army Special Forces Medic (18D), or U.S. Navy Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman with no less than six (6) years of U.S. Special Operations Force experience.

  • The contractor(s) shall be knowledgeable in High Risk training safety and medical standards.
  • It is preferred the contractor(s) have the qualification as a U.S. Special Operations Combat Diver through the U.S. Army Special Qualification Identification of Special Forces Combat Diving, Medical (Q5), Special Forces Combat Diving Supervision (S6), Special Forces Underwater Operations (W7); or U.S. Navy Second Class Diver, First Class Diver, Master Diver, Medical Department Dive Officer qualifications.
  • It is preferred that the contractor have experience in a Tier 1 organization with previous experience managing partner-nation Special Operations Force training.
  • No more than five (5) years separated from the US Army Special Forces, US Air Force, or Naval Special Warfare Community.

Instructor Functional Skills:  A qualified instructor with training management, report writing, cross-cultural communication, and project management skills.  The employee must be familiar with executing a physical fitness program in accordance with all Navy Physical Readiness Training (PRT) manuals, regulations, and policies to include but not limited to OPNAV 6110.1J, Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide (NSW PTG), U.S. Army FM 21-10 Physical Fitness Training and U.S. Army TC 3-22.20 Army Physical Readiness Training.  The incumbent must be proficient in High Risk water competency training and related matters.  The incumbent must be in excellent physical fitness condition and readiness.  The incumbent will be expected to perform the same physical tasks required from the trainees and perform them at a level higher than the trainees.

Instructor Attributes:  The incumbent must be a high-level, results oriented person who can, without government training, perform the required tasking.

Instructor Character and Past Performance: Contractor’s military record must be free of disciplinary blemishes.  If discharged, discharge must have been honorable.  Contractors civilian record and history must be free of criminal activity that would bring into question his trustworthiness, temperament, or fitness for this position.

Instructor Presence and Demeanor:  Contractor must present an exceptional appearance and professionalism representing and upholding the highest standard of US Special Forces and US Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations community as a whole.  Applicant must be able to operate cooperatively in a soft-skill environment, be a team player with foreign, US military and non-military personnel and support and uphold organizational SHARP and EO programs and policies.

Administration:  The incumbent must be proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and able to provide weekly performance updates using these tools as required.

Consulting:   The incumbent must be prepared to consult and advise on topics relating to the training program and the future training goals of the client.

Compensation:  Pay scale starts at $800/work day and based on experience and skill sets.  Housing and transportation costs will be covered by the client.

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