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Sniper Instructors – SOCOM Level 1

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This job requisition is in support of the U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations School (MSOS). You will provide formal training to individuals Critical Skills Operators (CSO) in Advanced Special Reconnaissance (SR) skills in order to provide qualified CSO’s to the Marine Special Operations Companies (MSOCs).


– Must have a minimum of 8 years formal training and experience in SOF Sniper Operations in support of full spectrum SOF Operations or SOF Level 1 training or similar service equivalent SF, WARCOM and/or Marine Corps Reconnaissance
– Graduate of SOCOM Level 1 Sniper Course such as the MARSOC Advanced Sniper Course, Special Forces Course, or service equivalent
– Graduate of a U.S. Assessment & Selection and Operator Qualifications course or SME as an operator within MARSOC, SF, WARCOM, and Marine Corps Reconnaissance
– Must have at least 3 years of recent experience (within the last 8 years) in the U.S. Government (military or civilian) or equivalent commercial experience instruction MARSOC Advanced Sniper Course, Special Forces Sniper Course or equivalent SOCOM Level 1 Sniper material and techniques
– Must have at least 3 years of recent experience (within the last 8 years) in the U.S. Government (military or civilian) or equivalent commercial experience in Sniper disciplines or marksmanship, fieldcraft, Special Reconnaissance, Sniper tactics and movement techniques, development of instructor materials and training scenarios
– Completion of Formal School Instructor Course (FSIC), MARSOC Instructor Qualification Course (MIQC) or service equivalent
– Must be able to obtain and maintain certification as a high risk instructor
– Have an active SECRET clearance


– Must be capable of instructing in all aspects within the MARSOC Advanced Sniper Course Programs of Instruction, to include Marksmanship, Fieldcraft, Special Reconnaissance and Sniper Tactics and Movement Techniques.
– Must be fully qualified and up to date on current and emerging technologies and weapon systems
– Must be tactically and technologically proficient in the Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) related to the core tasks of MARSOC Advanced Sniper Course and MRTC Special Operations Forces Level I Special Reconnaissance Course.
– Must be proficient and capable of providing instruction in each of the following areas:
* Marksmanship instruction to include known, unknown distance, high angle, low-light shooting and engaging moving targets.
* Precision rifle fire from concealed positions
* Range estimation
* Fieldcraft instruction to include stalking and observation techniques
* Individual and team movement techniques
* Digital Camera Operations and Field Photography
* Advanced concealment methods and camouflage
* Target selection and interdiction
* Rural Sniper Operations
* Urban Sniper Operations
* Aerial Sniper Operations
* Range Operations Support
* Practical Exercise Scenario Development

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