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ISR / Drone Operator SME – Afghanistan

  • Position:
  • Salary: $800 / day
  • Location: Afghanistan - various sites
  • Job ID: 05015
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Job Description


LOCATION:  Various sites throughout Afghanistan
PAY:  $800 per day
ROTATION:  60-days-on / 30-days-off

Job Description:

Serve as a Member of a Mobile Advisory Team (ISRMAT) of Operational ISR Experts to support a TRADOC Mobile ISR Program. The ISRMAT provides support to the ISR Integration CONUS training process and in theater advisory and assist support to deploying and regionally aligned brigades/forces.  The team provides an understanding of in-depth, operational environment-specific ISR capabilities and employment processes through the use of ISR Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Army, and Joint partner organizations and by assisting TRADOC Centers of Excellence in the development of training and doctrine. This includes documenting lessons learned and best practices for the Army and Joint communities.

Additional Duties: 

– Unit tailored training that assists units in requesting and employing all capabilities deployed to theater
– Staff Communication and Integration Processes (ISR synchronization) that integrate ISR into Mission Command functions such as: ISR Support to Targeting, ISR Support to Force Protection, ISR Support to Retrograde Operations, ISR Support to Counter-IED operations, ISR support to Convoy Operations, and ISR Support to Situational Awareness
– ISR-related communications and collaboration between Conventional and Special Operations Forces, including: sharing of ISR capabilities, sharing of targeting information, de-confliction of collection activities, and cooperative ISR execution
– Understanding and executing Theater Collection Planning and Requirements Processes, including: use of request tools, timing for requests and approvals, ad hoc request processes, integration with unit and higher operations planning processes, and coordination with special operations forces and higher headquarters for collaborative collection operations
– Effective all-source intelligence integration, including: coordination between current operations and collection management, de-confliction, and coordination between echelons within the unit
– Signatures training in order to understand and collect against Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs); threat direct fire engagements; threat indirect fire engagements; insider threats; and complex attacks against U.S. Coalition and Afghan Security Forces

Job Requirements:

– Must have active DoD TS/SCI Clearance
– 6+ years of Operational ISR experience
– Must have a minimum of two (2) ISR-related deployments in a combat zone
– Multi-INT experience (GEOINT, SIGINT, HUMINT, etc.)
– Familiar with planning ground operations, and the integration of all the intelligence disciplines
– Knowledge of ground and aerial ISR collection capabilities, exploitation, and processes
– Familiar with Joint and Army operations (to include unit types and mission sets)
– Instructor background is a plus
– Possess strong research and writing skills

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