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Executive Protection Jobs – US and Europe

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Required Skills:

Job Description

Contract Job Opportunity:
Client is searching for a specific type of Executive Protection Specialist that fits into very specific criteria.
$400 – $600 per day depending on location.
Other Compensation:
All expenses covered to include flights, hotels, and meals.
Contract Length: 
This is a full-time position as needed by the client with no end date.  You will only be compensated for your time deployed.
Job Requirements:
The client lives overseas, but visits the United States often, and is looking for an American Executive Protection Specialist whom he can engage while visiting the US and Europe.  The client is a relatively small man, and would like to find someone who can blend in with him and his party.  The client is looking for someone who is American, unobtrusive and professional, able to blend in in any type of environment with all types of dress, no taller than 5’8″, and between 30 and 40 years of age.  Additionally, experience with high net worth clients and Middle Eastern clients is a must.  Must be able to travel internationally.
Language Requirement:
There is no language requirement although Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, or Russian languages will be helpful, but not necessary.

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