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Silent Professionals recommends and features security service providers who meet our strict, high standards of proven performance and professionalism.

This quarter, we’re featuring and recommending Hyperion Services, a US-based security company with an impeccable reputation for high-risk hostage rescue operations and global executive protection services.

Why we recommend them

    • – They’ve earned an excellent reputation with a broad array of clients around the globe – especially when providing high-level executive protection services.
    • – Impressive response times of getting skilled teams on the ground to support any security mission within 24-48 hours of notice
    • – Strong reputation with their security operators for providing expert operational and logistical support
    • – Innovative security offerings such as their Black Card product that makes elite security accessible to more clients
    • – Expansive global network and relationships with various governmental authorities and organizations around the world

Security companies who desire to join our network and receive client referrals must successfully pass our strict vetting standards.  Apply .

Hire Private Security

Select a category below and learn more about different types of private security service professionals for your particular needs. 

Executive Protection

This white-gloved security solution offers elite close protection specialists who come from the very best US military special operations and elite law enforcement organizations who also have experience protecting ultra high net worth individuals and their families.

Kidnap Prevention

Ranging from one to multiple-man details, these services are for the ultra high net worth individual (UHNWI) or the UHNWI’s family who faces a legitimate threat of being taken for ransom, particularly while traveling to high-threat areas for kidnapping (i.e. Mexico, Central America, South America, African continent, etc.). 

These operations typically involve a much more seasoned Executive Protection Agent who has experience liaising with military and law enforcement forces in foreign countries.

Hostage Rescue

Speed of execution and operator skill & expertise are absolutely critical for successful recovery of a kidnapped, trafficked, or held individual.

Teams can range in size from one to multiple-man teams, depending upon the operation, and only the ultra wealthy can typically afford these services.  [Read More…]

Gather intelligence or provide evidence against criminal or civil crimes through surveillance and counter surveillance by licensed private investigators.

Executive Security Detail

Small to large protective security details to protect the world’s most influential business leaders.

Hire or outsource security leadership positions from Directors of Security to Chief Security Officers.

Seasoned security professionals with at least 15 years of experience standing up and deploying a guard force, establishing security protocols, and operational experience in various industries.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests against complex threats to physical and digital infrastructure are an essential part of a corporate security plan.

Seasoned combat veterans licensed to provide armed or unarmed security (overt or covert) for various-sized venues ranging from private events, concerts, Olympic Games, and everything in between.

We can immediately staff any PSS/PSD contract with AICs, Shift Leads, Detail Members, Advance Team Leads, Advance Team Members, DDMs, Linguists and CAT teams for Diplomatic Security, protection details for Ambassadors and other government officials (all clearance levels, all issuing authorities).

We provide seasoned professionals with expertise in other critical operational security services such as Maritime Security, Static Armed Security, Unarmed Security, EOD Techs, Dog Handlers, Construction Surveillance Technicians, etc.

We can immediately resource any contract or team in need of combat-seasoned and fully-licensed & registered medical personnel including Paramedics, Physicians, Surgeons, Veterinarians, Physician’s Assistants, and Nurses.

We are capable of furnishing highly-skilled, combat-seasoned rotary or fixed-wing pilots with experience in a multitude of airframes and environments.

No matter what type of cleared intelligence professional you’re seeking, we have them – from every organization, agency, rank and specialty.

[PLEASE NOTE: We only support intel staffing requests for US Intelligence Community-approved organizations]

Staff your contract or team with cleared cyber security professionals with active certifications and experience with various enterprise networks, systems administration, programming languages, operating systems and softwares.

[PLEASE NOTE: We only support cyber staffing requests for US Cyber Community-approved organizations]

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