We offer a simple, all-in pricing model that saves employers time and money with better results.

$699 per mo


At Silent Professionals, we know that veterans offer an incredibly unique set of immensely valuable skills that are difficult to translate and fit into the standard corporate recruiting process. We take care of that translation problem and consistently source and vet high-quality candidates that actually meet and exceed the expectations of the employer. No matter when or where in the world you need them, we can consistently produce the best candidates for your recruiting team.


What really sets us apart from all other employment agencies is that we are NOT an employment agency; we are a technology and data analytics company and merge technology with irreplaceable real-world experience.


Veterans come with widely varying spectrums of training, hard and soft skills, and experiences. This makes it especially difficult for recruiters to post a job requisition and find a candidate with the right aggregate skill sets. Our team created a proprietary segmentation algorithm to rapidly intake applicants and segment them into one of five (5) Segmentation Groups and twenty-two (22) different Segmentation Types before we even begin our in-depth vetting process. This segmentation also helps recruiters visualize their candidate pool on every job requisition and consume massive amounts of varied data in an efficient and effective manner.


We firmly believe that there is no full replacement for technology and advanced algorithms or machine learning when it comes to the complexity of understanding human capabilities and potential. This is why our third final step before you receive a candidate report on a job requisition is our manual vetting process. This process ensures that no one slips through the cracks - no one is placed on your list that completely misses the mark and no candidate is overlooked.