Silent Professionals is a 100% veteran-owned and operated company – and every single person on our team is a combat veteran.

Additionally, every person on our team has professional experience and high levels of professional success in the private sector, spanning industries from Defense to Oil & Gas to Digital & Data Technology.

This combination makes us incredibly successful in placing military and law enforcement veterans into the defense and security sectors, as well as a broader array of professional roles in the private sector.

Every person on our team contributes knowledge and experience in comprehending the value of a veteran candidate AND also comprehending what a company is actually looking for in a job requisition.



Our team has the unique capability of aggregating security professionals from all backgrounds, levels of experience and specialized skill sets from around the world.


We’ve taken old-school experience and worked with top technical teams in data science and analytics to create a segmentation algorithm for each candidate that comes through our job board.


Reputation is everything in the defense and security industry. We implement a thorough vetting process unlike any other job board in the world.

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